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Rep. Phil Green underscores rights of states to protect citizens, commends Texas governor
RELEASE|February 1, 2024
Contact: Phil Green

State Rep. Phil Green has joined several other Michigan House legislators in sending a letter of support to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as the state deals with substantial federal overreach.

The U.S. Department of Justice has recently sued the state of Texas over efforts to protect its sovereignty, security and citizens.

“As state legislators, we agree on the importance of protecting our rights against tyrannical oversight and maintaining our ability to protect citizens from any harm that a federal government takeover could have on our state,” Green says in the letter. “Our landowners depend on local control to protect their rights and any overreach from unnecessary trespassing.”

Green also underscored the Constitutional impact of the overreach.

“The Tenth Amendment allows each state the authority to police their own borders. … We believe that Texas should have the right to protect their citizens under the United States Constitution and that includes the entry of individuals that are trespassing on their soil.”

Said Green: “I appreciate Gov. Abbott’s steadfast resolve to protect the values and safety of citizens he represents and uphold the rights of the state he serves.”

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